Roomies and Being an Only Child

This weekend I stayed over at my relatives house because sometimes it’s hard to stay in the apartment. Lately I’ve been having issues with my roomies over creating a cleaning schedule. Long story. Needless to say I give up in trying to be hard on them (again) and explaining (again) why we need one.

Let me back up for a bit: My roomies are ALL UNDERGRADS. And they’re all pretty sloppy: They’re not taking this cleaning thing too seriously but I am. Telling them that the RA wanted a schedule didn’t scare them one bit.

I’m an only child so when I found out that living by myself wasn’t an option (unless I went to UCLA than I would’ve had a studio apartment on campus) I was disappointed but knew that I couldn’t do anything about it. Unfortunately it hasn’t all been rosy.

Besides the cleaning schedule, I’m starting to feel a divide between myself and them. I’m close with the girl that I share a bedroom with (who’s an only as well), but on Friday I saw things a little differently. I wasn’t included in our “group” photo…even though I was right there with them. I didn’t really care but I still felt a little left out. And at dinner I felt the awkwardness when no one was talking.

This is how the relation between the four of us work: Roomie #1 is close with me and Roomie #2; Roomie #2 is close with Roomie #1 and Roomie #3. As you can see by this lovely explanation, Roomie #1 and #2 almost have the entire group as their friends/acquaintances. Not too bad.

Even though these girls don’t have to be my friends, I have to live with them for an entire year and I want to feel comfortable with all three of them but most times Roomie #2 and #3 make it difficult: They won’t tell me hi unless I tell them first; if they pass by me in the apartment they won’t say anything, all of that. Sometimes they can be like this, but sometimes they’re fine. It’s very weird.

It’s even more weird when you consider that both of them aren’t 21 (Roomie #1 is though). I’m obviously the oldest by four, five years. And don’t get me started on being the only grad student on my ENTIRE floor.

It’s funny because I get along well with Idania, Hollie, and Joanna…and they’re not even my roomies!! Since our movie night we ate lunch together last week. I jokingly told Hollie that I wished that I lived with them.

I think things will get better with the girls that I live with once we establish a damn cleaning schedule. I might just have to make one myself.

We’ll see.


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