I’m Feeling It…

When I was applying to grad school I remember reading an article (or maybe someone told me) that said that your classmates are your friends, but they are also your competitors. I find that totally true, and that doesn’t help someone who oftentimes compares herself to others and feels defeated at what little she’s done.

Case in point, one of my classmates is an (and I quote from her Twitter bio) “actress, singer, model and producer.” I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of jobs she has. Let me check out her website.’ Bad idea. Her bio made me feel dejected (because it listed all of her accomplishments, including what GPA she graduated from college with); her journalistic samples were so much better than mine, and, I just felt disheartened looking through the contents of her site. (I’m not even going to look at her LInkedIn profile).

Now, I usually feel envious of people who do better than me but change it to a positive after some time, but I can’t shake this one. Currently she’s doing what I want to do, entertainment journalism. She really doesn’t NEED to be in this grad program: She already has four, five jobs! But, oh well. To each his own. She also intimidates me with her smart lingo in class.

Anybody else feel/felt this way about a fellow classmate(s) in grad school? I’m sure I’m not the only one.


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