First Week Done!

Man did this week go by quickly, but I’m pretty happy that it did. I FINALLY met Hollie after only talking through email, text, and Facebook. She’s cool. Idania is as well. I’m slowly getting oriented on campus and I learned to never walk back to the apartments early in the morning/early afternoon–it’s HOT!!

But onto the academics. Here’s the rundown of classes and comments:

MCOM 600 Intro to Research Methods: The professor is really cool, and even though she seems a little harsh I kind of like her. I’m excited for the pop-up newsroom events later on in the semester–it’s something that I’ve never done before and being able to get out of The Valley and into LA is great!

MCOM 620 Seminar in Media Criticism: The professor is a little monotone, but he’s passionate about the subject. This class has five books. Yikes. Other than that this is gonna be a good class I think.

JOUR 400 Mass Communication Law and Ethics: The professor is pretty funny. This is my elective course I believe and it’s an upper division undergrad class. Only one other grad student is in the class with me. Now, law is not my thing and this class is gonna be a tough one because of that. The book we have to read is ridiculous. I’m gonna try my best in this one, for sure.

14/15 more weeks to go!


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