Catching Up

I’m typing this from my new apartment!! My roomie, Maria, is right behind me at her desk. Man, it feels great to finally be moved in, sorta.

My parents came with me up to LA and have been helping me a lot with getting things for my room. We’re not quite finished yet–still have to set up the TV in the living area–but for the most part we got everything I need.

Let me rewind and start with move in day, which was this past Sat.: It was CRAZY!!! The directions printed on my ticket for check-in and move-in were a little confusing but everything went smoothly. My uncle came up to help us (he also had my fridge and books that he stored at his house) by driving us to the school from the hotel in the morning and being our transportation for the rest of the day.

Kids and parents were mulling around all day and it was exciting. The people working were really helpful and nice. It was hard to get lost in the big housing area because there were arrows pointing to where to get what (meal card, check in, etc.)

I was the third person out of my four apartment mates to move in and while I was getting my bed made my parents attended new parent orientation, which proved to be extremely useful to them. They learned about the health services, police services, all of the stuff that parents wanted to know about.

Sunday was shopping at Target and going back to the apartment to get more things in order, same with today and the last of it concludes tomorrow.

Sunday night was our first floor meeting, where all of the residents gathered in the common area of our floor and did intros (I’m the only grad student…) and went over general info like lock-out and other policies. It was a long meeting but an important one. I didn’t know how many people were involved in running a college housing complex but I was impressed, and my RA Alyssa is really nice, she also resides right across the hall.

Technically school started Saturday, for those students who have weekend classes (who would sign up for those?!) and weekday classes started today, but I start tomorrow…at 7pm! My first grad seminar. Ooh boy.

That’s the update, for now. 🙂

Btw, I’m so glad that I brought Honolulu Cookie Co. cookies for my apartment mates–they loved them!! (If you ever go to Oahu you need to buy those).


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