…I have so ma…

…I have so many more places to see in this world…the world is your oyster and who knows where you could find your next big adventure!

I was browsing a friend’s Facebook page and came across this comment from him and it really stuck with me today. This whole week I’ve been thinking/dreading about having to quit guitar lessons next week after almost eight years. I joked to myself that I have separation anxiety but I really don’t want to quit even though I knew it was bound to happen since grad school was always in my plans after college.

I put the above quote in relation to that, aka my “adventure.” It’s nearing and I’m nervous/sad/excited to start this. It almost doesn’t seem real–I remember when I was really sad about being rejected by UCLA for the Fall ’12 cycle and I thought my dream of living in LA was shot. Now that it’s actually happening it’s spooky, among all of the other emotions that I listed above.

As an undergrad a few of my professors told stories about the time they lived in so-and-so state or their grad school experience on the mainland. It was exciting to hear their tales because I wanted to be able to tell my kids/whoever was willing to listen about my time away from home. It boggles my mind that there are some people who have never left Hawaii! I’m sure they’re dying to see the rest of the world and have adventures.

I know a few people who, even though it was hard, left home/ended a relationship or did long distance in order to go to grad school. They survived and I know that I can as well. Even though I don’t like to end things and say goodbye, it’s necessary. It can’t be avoided and I need to realize that now. It’s gonna be hard to do but my adventure is waiting…


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