The Portfolio

I’m not ready to look for a job, but I decided to start establishing an online presence in the form of a writing portfolio. My career goal is to be an entertainment journalist and according to an article, it said that “an online portfolio is the new first impression and you want yours to be a strong one.”

There are so many portfolio sites out there for writers, and I don’t know which one(s) to use! I already have a LinkedIn but am torn between keeping my portfolio (I’m not linking it because, well, I’m torn) or completely abandoning it in order to make one on WordPress. Too many choices.

Not only are too many options a problem, but so is my lack of great clips to showcase in my portfolio. Maybe I’m too hard on myself, but out of the blogs and articles I’ve published thus far I only found four that I really like.

Sigh. I think I should give this job search and portfolio headache a rest until I start school and gain more experience. I’m thinking too far ahead.


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