People keep reminding me

Everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) keeps reminding me about grad school. Take last week for example: When I talked to a friend of mine he asked me when I was leaving, and since he went through grad school already, told me about his experience. He also had the decency to remind me that I “have to get ready [to move].”

Thursday I hosted a little get together with my friends and they asked me if I was really moving, when I was moving (again), and one friend gave me an early going away present because she thought I was leaving this month! All I could do was smile, nod, and answer their questions (and take that present) with kindness.

The next day I met with my undergraduate advisor to talk about grad school. In the last year we became close and I can talk to her about almost anything. She’s also not that much older than me so it’s easy to make conversation.

We talked about moving away, anxiety about moving away, dealing with people asking strange/interesting questions about Hawaii (as an undergrad she was only one of two other students from here), and our parents (we’re both only children).

What was interesting and helped me not worry so much was when she told me to think about all of the things (scenery, food, activities) that I can only see, eat, and do here and get in as much of it as I can. Of course, California is kind of like Hawaii, but not really. In Southern California (and Northridge in particular) there are no green mountains! No nice, blue (warm!) water at the beaches. Surprisingly there is Hawaiian food where my relatives live, but that’s an hour away from where I’m going to be. California is definitely not an island, and the people are different.

Saturday night my dad booked our flights, and even though there’s now an actual moving date, like I typed up in my first post on here, it still hasn’t hit me yet. I feel all of the emotions (nervousness, anxious, sadness, some excitement) but nothing has really shown itself in full yet. All I wanna do is go hiking, go around the island with my friends, and eat as much as I can.

But people are going to keep reminding me about grad school, until the day I leave. I better get used to it.


3 thoughts on “People keep reminding me

  1. Are you still not excited? Maybe you’re annoyed because you’re not yet sure about grad school or the program. I don’t know

    But i’m jealous you get to go to hawaii. Lucky!


    • I’m from Hawaii, actually. šŸ™‚ I just don’t wanna leave home…but there’s some excitement brewing. To be honest I’m going through a lot of emotions right now haha!

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