Happy Thanksgiving!


My pumpkin pie is in the oven (this is the first time I’m making any pie!), the turkey is going in next, and relatives will be arriving in a few hours.

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you!


Food Friday: Little Village Noodle House


There’s a lot of Chinese restaurants on Oahu, and downtown Honolulu has a gem called Little Village Noodle House. It’s been named Best Chinese Restaurant for 11 years (!!) and one bite of any of their Northern Chinese dishes and you’ll agree.

My standout dishes are…

Orange Chicken – This is NOT like Panda Express’ one, for sure! One of Little Village’s popular dishes, fried, boneless chicken are coated with a sweet and tangy sauce that’s not overwhelming of orange.

Honey Walnut Shrimp – Another popular dish. A good portion of shrimp topped with a garlic and cream sauce, and finished with honey walnuts. The shrimp is perfectly cooked and the sauce is tasty with a balance of flavors.

Black Pepper Beef – Don’t let the red chili pepper next to its name on the menu scare you, it’s not spicy. The pepper makes the beef flavorful and it’s hard to not eat only a few slices. The beef is tender and juicy.

Minute Chicken Pan-Fied Egg Noodles – Chicken is bite-size and flavorful, the noodles don’t taste like egg and has the flavor of regular Chinese wet noodle. The sauce is not dripping off the strands. It clings to the noodles to create a tasty dish.

(I have to start taking food photos when at family gatherings!!)

It was pricey but worth it. Downtown is notorious for limited parking, but Little Village has their own tiny parking lot right next to the restaurant, with a helpful attendant.

Stop by here for a taste of Chinese cuisine, and explore Downtown afterward!

1113 Smith St, Honolulu, HI 96817


Spooky Time…


Halloween is a WEEK away!!! I enjoy seeing people in costume and stores and the office being decorated in orange and black everything, but I don’t participate in dressing up. I do, however, hand out candy to the kids on my street.

I don’t get excited for Halloween because I don’t like being scared. I’m a wimp when it comes to horror movies and haunted houses. But I do like reading about ghosts and other paranormal activities…when it’s daylight out. Makes the stories less terrifying if I read them during the day.

Anyone else like me?

Case in point, I was browsing Popsugar and started going through a slideshow titled 13 Iconic Horror Movies Inspired by Real-Life Events, and as usual I was fascinated–and a little spooked out! But what intrigued me was the story of Annabelle. You know, the doll that’s possessed?

The real Annabelle isn’t like her movie character, at all. And her backstory is gripping.

And it made me think to not go to Connecticut…(The Haunting in Connecticut, anyone??)

So, I guess I’m a closet horror “fan.” I find ghosts and things interesting, but will pass on the movies and houses. Does that make sense?

Do you like being scared? What’s the scariest movie, haunted house you’ve seen/experienced? Or, have you ever seen a ghost???

Being all Healthy


I think this is the ultimate goal for everyone, and that’s to be healthy. Physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. All three of these are connected, especially when it comes to your physical and mental health. Let’s say you don’t exercise, eat junk food, and drink. These habits affect your mental health (which affects you emotionally by being sad and down most of the time). What you put into your body has a big effect on your brain. Feed your body healthy foods, and you’ll think clearly, be happier, and focus on the positive. The opposite is true if you indulge in fatty, greasy food.

But what I’m most concerned about is my mental and emotional health, which are a work in progress. (My physical health is on the upswing though! Popsugar Fitness videos are awesome, and are walking, yoga, and hiking.)

I’ve blogged about self-care, which I neglected until recently. Taking the time to treat myself to hobbies and relaxing is still new to me. But I now know how important it is for my mental and emotional health.

However, there’s still a lot to be done in the mental health sphere for me, like managing stress and anxiety. Last week I had a rough day and let my anxiety control my thoughts and emotions, which resulted in me acting out of control (not in a scary way, but I did regret what I did). Oh, and the physical syptoms of anxiety have gone down a lot in recent years, but I do experience some.

But it’s a new week and I plan to control myself by myself. Using the long list of techniques that my therapist and I came up with, I can use them to manage my anxiety.

How do you try and stay healthy both physically, emotionally, and mentally?